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MDB - BEAUTIFUL VOICES 004 (ENIGMA Special Edition) (77:10)  15 Apr. 2007

Down Tempo Ambient Mix with tracks produced by Michael Cretu & Jens Gad

1. The Dream Of The Dolphin
2. Almost Full Moon
3. Achillea - Shears From Scar
4. Hello And Welcome (After The Storm Mix)
5. Jens Gad - Glass Palace
6. Shadows In Silence
7. Achillea - The Nine Worlds
8. Morphing Thru Time
9. The Cross Of Changes
10. Jens Gad - El Momento
11. Age Of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix)
12. The Rivers Of Belief
13. The Eyes Of Truth
14. I Love You...I'll Kill You
15. Beyond The Invisible
16. Michael Cretu - The Invisible Man
17. Prism Of Life
18. Odyssey Of The Mind



Enigma is an electronic musical project started by Michael Cretu, his wife Sandra Cretu,
David Fairstein and Frank Peterson in 1990.
Michael is both the composer and the producer; Sandra often provides vocals on Enigma tracks

Michael Cretu

Michael Cretu, also known as Curly M.C. (born May 18, 1957 in Bucharest, Romania),
is a Romanian musician best known as the creator of the Enigma project.
He has worked with many producers, musicians, and artists in his long career.
These include Sandra Cretu, Frank Farian, Boney M, Goombay Dance Band, Peter Cornelius,
Manfred "Tissy" Thiers and Mike Oldfield in his pre-Enigma days, and Jens Gad, Frank Peterson,
David Fairstein, ATB, Jam & Spoon, Peter Ries, Ruth-Ann Boyle and Andru Donalds during
the course of the project.
By the year 2001, Michael Cretu had sold over 100 million albums

Jens Gad

Jens Gad (born August 26, 1966 in Munich, Germany) is a songwriter, producer and guitarist.
He is currently the co-producer for the musical project, Enigma.
Jens is a passionate guitarist (nearly all Enigma`s guitars) and drummer.


Achillea is the latest project of Enigma co-producer/guitarist Jens Gad.
With fellow Dane, the classically trained vocalist Helene Horlyck in tow, the two give the
listener and intensely beautiful, hook-laden New Age/down tempo European trip-hop fusion that
is really a very lovely experience.







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